Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam - d'Annam
chapter 1

Enchanting Vietnam

Dear reader,

As a child growing up in rural Vietnam, I was captivated by the symphony of scents that painted our landscapes. The lotus blossoms that graced our serene lakes, the crisp scent of morning dew on verdant rice paddies, the bitterness of lime leaves in my grandma’s garden - each scent was a thread in the tapestry of my memories.

As I journey outside Vietnam, I discovered that while the world of fragrances was vast and diverse, it was missing a heart note - the scent of my homeland. Thus came the idea for our first collection.

Chapter 1 is a love letter to Vietnam. Each of the 9 fragrances is a personal and contemporary interpretation of our heritage, hand-crafted by local perfumers to echo the melodies of our land.

This is a manifestation of a dream, a sensory memoir of Vietnam.

Let our journey begin.

Nick Hoang


A tribute to Vietnam's cultural symbol of livelihood - the white jasmine rice. This scent presents a subtly sweet aroma, harmonizing gentle softness with the rice grain's nuttiness. Embrace the heart of Vietnamese culture, where humble beginnings flourish into enduring strength.


Monsoon Tea captures the tranquil moment of savoring Vietnamese green tea after a rainstorm. Brewed with fresh tea leaves, this traditional drink is light, bright, and refreshing. As the rain subsides, every spray of Monsoon Tea is a sip of optimism, clarity, and renewal.


In The Garden pays tribute to rural Vietnamese garden, inspired by fond memories of our founder's visits to his grandmother. Those were the childhood days spent playing in the garden, embraced by scents of lime trees, elegant jasmine, and native flora.


Harvest Season EDP embodies the enchanting spirit of Vietnam's countryside during the rice harvest season. Imagine walking along these rustic lanes, immersed in fields of golden straw. The sun shines brightly overhead as aroma of drying straw fills your senses.


Phu Quoc EDP pays tribute to the captivating island of Phu Quoc, located off the southern coast of Vietnam. Beyond a fresh marine scent, Phu Quoc EDP presents its unique character by infusing a distinctive local twist with essence of green peppercorn and native woods.


Da Lat EDP pays homage to the charming city of Da Lat, a haven of romance and serenity in central Vietnam. At its core, Da Lat EDP is an innovative rose scent that unfolds like a love letter, where every spray carries the promise of romance and surprise.


Pho Breakfast is inspired by pho, Vietnam's national dish. This fragrance mirrors the dish's main ingredients, echoes the warmth of spice blend, and weaves in hints of fresh herbs. While not a literal translation, Pho Breakfast invites you to savour its symphony of aromas and tastes.


Through The Forest tells the story of Vietnamese men venturing deep into the forest in search of prized oud. This fragrance transports you into Vietnam's jungle as alluring scents of oud beckons. It's an ode to exploration, reverence, and the treasures hidden within nature's embrace.


Vietnamese Coffee EDP honors Vietnam's iconic drink, crafted from dark-roasted Robusta beans, which exude a bold, caramel-chocolate richness and a pronounced bitterness that perfectly complements condensed milk. Topped with ice, it is the perfect drink to start the day.

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