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d'Annam Unveils Debut Fragrance Collection "Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam" - A Cultural Exploration Through Scent


dannam enchanting vietnam

Vietnam, December 1, 2023 - d'Annam, a fine fragrance house from Vietnam, is proud to announce the launch of its debut collection, "Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam." Inspired by Vietnam's rich heritage, this collection is a sensory memoir that captures the essence of the country's landscapes, traditions, and culture.

d'Annam is committed to artisanal craftsmanship, blending tradition and innovation. Handcrafted in small batches, every perfume is a work of art, an emotional narrative encapsulated in scent.

The brand's debut collection, "Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam," is a love letter to Vietnam. Each of the 9 fragrances is a personal and contemporary interpretation of Vietnam's heritage, meticulously crafted by local perfumers and artisans.

The fragrances in the collection include:

1. White Rice EDP: A tribute to Vietnam's cultural symbol of livelihood - white jasmine rice. This scent presents a subtly sweet aroma, harmonizing gentle softness with the nuttiness of rice grain.

2. Monsoon Tea EDP: Monsoon Tea captures the tranquil moment of savoring Vietnamese green tea after a rainstorm. As the rain subsides, every spray of Monsoon Tea is a sip of optimism, clarity, and renewal.

3. In The Garden EDP: Paying tribute to the rural Vietnamese garden, this fragrance is inspired by childhood memories of playing amidst scents of lime trees, elegant jasmine, and native flora.

4. Harvest Season EDP: Embodies the enchanting spirit of Vietnam's countryside during the rice harvest season, immersing you in fields of drying golden straw.

5. Phu Quoc EDP: A tribute to the captivating island of Phu Quoc, this fragrance infuses a fresh marine scent with a distinctive local twist of green peppercorn and native woods.

6. Da Lat EDP: Honoring the charming city of Da Lat, this fragrance is an innovative rose scent that unfolds like a love letter, promising romance and surprise.

7. Pho Breakfast EDP: Inspired by Vietnam's national dish, this fragrance mirrors the warmth of the spice blend and hints of fresh herbs, inviting you to savor its symphony of aromas and tastes.

8. Through The Forest EDP: A fragrance that transports you to the heart of Vietnam's jungle, where the alluring scent of oud beckons, paying homage to exploration and nature's bounties.

9. Vietnamese Coffee EDP: Honoring Vietnam's iconic drink, this fragrance captures the beans' bold, caramel-chocolate richness and pronounced bitterness that perfectly complements condensed milk, a true delight to start the day.

"Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam" is a testament to d'Annam's dedication to preserving and sharing Vietnam's heritage with the world. Join us on this journey and experience the fragrances that evoke the beauty of Vietnam.

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About d'Annam:
d'Annam is a fine fragrance house from Vietnam. Rooted in the beauty of nature, d'Annam's perfumes inspire calmness and delight. With a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, each fragrance is handcrafted in small batches, using traditional techniques and the finest natural ingredients. d'Annam actively chooses recycled materials for packaging and allocates a portion of its earnings to enhance the lives of children in Vietnam through select charities. The brand's debut collection "Chapter 1: Enchanting Vietnam," is a tribute and a personal interpretation of the elements found in Vietnam's rich heritage.

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